Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Ubuntu Studio

Ubuntu Studio is a free, open, and powerful operating system for creative people to create their art.

Whether your focus is audio, video, photography, or graphic design, Ubuntu Studio is both productive and rewarding to use.

  • Audio

    With a full suite of audio applications and documented work flows, Ubuntu Studio can support you with record, mix, and many more.
  • Graphics

    Graphic design and modeling applications including The GIMP, Inkscape and Blender. Along with plugins like dcraw to help with RAW camera files and wacom-tools for people with Wacom drawing tablets.
  • Video

    Ubuntu Studio supports you all the way to final render for your video.

    Ubuntu Studio also provides an application suite for 3D modeling, animation, and compositing.

    Post production effects, like lens flares, color grading, and chroma key/alpha over, are available to support your creative vision.
  • Photography

    Import pictures from your camera or other devices.

    Edit, process and organize your photos with such applications as Openshot and Darktable, and publish them to social web sites.
  • Publishing

    Whether you’re heading for the printing press, or need to have a particular format for a phone reader, it is possible to achieve professional results on Ubuntu Studio.